Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today Mr.Couple and I made a trip to #1and only Son & DIL's house.. You see they have started their first remodeling project?? Wow, don't envy them, well in a way I do because there are lots of things I would like remodeled, like my body??
Mr.Couple took a look at all the wiring that had to be replaced and got the list of things they will need.That will be another day..
Then we took a little side trip to a garden center that we could walk to from their house,, Wow, could I do some damage there, but I was good,, Then off for lunch, well ya gotta eat ya know. If you have never been to Eckerts, well it is a real treat.. Their Country Store is full of so many wonderful things, dishes,gadgets,mixes,fruit,veggies, pies,ect,, ect..ect..........Well the wind was so bad , you could hardly stand!!! As you can see in the picture my hair is all in my face.. Well they really have good food and they are working on a new store that will be fabulous.. Strawberries will be ready soon and they look delicious, so be ready on the 15 th for the Strawberry Stampede................Just look at these sweet cupcake dishes ..Yummm