Saturday, January 16, 2010


 What a wonderful event.. The place was jam-packed with projects and many new tools. Texture Magic, turning tools and the ACCU QUILT CUTTER,,who wouldn't want that.. They had so many projects hanging all around the store and everything was gorgeous.. I am mostly a primitive quilter but the eye candy was too much and I had to splurge,, not too bad, I really wanted more but would rather donate that to Haiti..Those people are desperate and we really have no idea. We are so blessed. Here are a couple of shots of the store.. Enjoy!!  Also some new panels,, GONE WITH THE WIND, and WIZARD OF OZ.. Really pretty colors and reasonable.
Also got to meet up with DS and have lunch. DIL had previous engagement so we did not get to see her but still enjoyed having time with him..

Friday, January 15, 2010


We have been due for my BREADMAN scones, so this morning I got busy and voila' Here is my process..So yummy and good especially warm..You see, Sister is coming tomorrow to stay with Mom while we go to Jackman's  Fabrics open house. Oh they have class projects hanging everywhere and demonstrating new products.. It is so fun and I love new gagets.. Well as you can see Mom just had to have a small scone, hope there are some left for Sister tomorrow??

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ah, tea time

Quite late today what with cleaning house, laundry and blankets that needed washing too.. It has been busy, then roasting some short ribs for vegetable soup.. Yummm. it is on now and slowly cooking, free for the rest of the day to sew on my projects..
 Got newsletter from the COUNTRY SAMPLER in  Wisconsin, they are having some wonderful retreats this year and some already full. also some great stitching patterns from BLACKBIRD DESIGNS.. Love their work..
Well must get back to projects and finish chores.. Needed this break and the tea..............

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is this the January thaw?

Looks like we are going to warm up these next few days.. Hope that doesn't mean more snow on the way because we still have lots laying around. Getting hair cut and going to get groceries, just boring stuff but projects are coming along.
Have all the free motion quilting finished and used monafilament thread and now wondering why, it doesn't show unless you strain your eyes. If I had used a color it might have been better but too late now.Have backs cut and sides but not lining, seems like I am having a hard time getting it all together. Will keep you posted...........

Here is close up of quilting, not sure you can see but it was my chance to practice.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Jenny of Elefantz is having a giveaway,, very nice one too. Just make something useful with a tea towel.. Go over to her blog and read rules.. She is a doll..
Thanks and have fun with those tea towels.

What Happened??

Yesterday was a no web day.. Lines down and couldn't get on the web.. But things are fixed now and  we are all happy.. Boy, lots of emails, some junk but really miss that.. Oprah had a special about a family that went cold turkey for one week with no electronics? It really did help the family get closer and I will admit that we all need that break.
Sun is out here and we are in the 30's maybe 40 tomorrow.. Snow is dripping and road is clearing..Thanks to all bloggers commenting on my ordinary life..............

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mild Monday

I must say this temp is more to my liking. I know it is winter but I can handle 25..The sky was glowing  this morning and by time I got the camera it had softened. Oh , here is my shot..Mother has to get an ecogram this morning so my stitching will not get started. I am going to do some free motion quilting in each of the windows, hopefully I will not ruin the visual. I will work on mine first and see what needs to be done.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What a difference a day makes?

That is for sure,, now we are up to 25'.. yahoo. I have been trying to get projects finished but it's slow going.. Not complicated but just the decisions are overwhelming.. I don't figure the whole thing out before but as I go along and  that means " I don't have much vision???" How about when you create, do you picture the finished  item before you construct it.. I'll admit I do have some pictures in my head but things usually don't turn out that way..

Here is picture of the front of the bag and now I am making 3 because, the first ones were too long and just didn't look right. So tell me what ya think, yes I can take critiquing. Thanks to Mr.Couple he encouraged me to put on top and side border..