Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recently Mr.Couple and I visited Alton , a nearby town to see the mural that is being painted on the side of a building . Alton is the town where we both were born and raised, then we moved to a smaller town in the 70's and have lived there ever since. The mural depicts the town, resting on the banks of the Mississippi.. Settled in the 1800's it has been a town of industries which are  now almost gone. Mr.Couple worked at the Steel Mill for almost 40 years, it closed and now there is a small mill in operation.The mural is finished now and has been dedicated, the artists did a beautiful rendition.One day soon I will go and take a finished picture of the vision.........

Monday, September 20, 2010


SIL just got back and sent nice pictures of his leg of the adventure.. The first photo is the Piasa Bird, a great legend, another story there and the 2nd is the beautiful expansion Clark Bridge.. Moving on you can see the men manning the boat and enjoying their special time.. The Father is soaking some sun with the Gateway Arch in the background, its an adventure in itself.. the last picture is a little stop for the special at the Blue Owl,, MILE HIGH APPLE PIE.. everyone should try that just once.. It is a feast.. The Father is going on and will be on board until the 30th and I am sure he will have many tales on his return.