Saturday, January 9, 2010

It is 0 here this morning,coldest yet.. We  am not liking this Alberta clipper much and wanting it to go back to Canada. They can cope with it better than we can. One good thing is that the days are continually getting longer and that is encouraging.

My projects are going better, at first I was having problem with matching corners and getting a pucker, but finally figured out what I was doing, don't you just love it when  you solve them yourself. Of course, I got Mr. Couple in on it and he did help? In this picture you can see the pucker,, I was going to deep into the seam. But now have a much better looking seam...

Friday, January 8, 2010


Well back to my creating........ I am making something special for my girls..Can't show it yet but we go to the  MIDWESTERN HERBFEST in Mt. Vernon, Il every year and I am making them something for that event. It is a wonderful event and features good speakers and free classes and many wonderful vendors..It is the spring of winter for us.  Feb.12,13,14 and they have a website too. Winter is not being nice to us this year and tomorrow with be subzero temps for this area.  The birds are eating like crazy and we love seeing all the different kinds.. Will try to take picture so you can see all of them.
I do enjoy baking but then "you just eat it" and that can put the #'s on for sure... Now my Mom and Mr. Couple really enjoy my baking and have gotten spoiled and expect it all the time.. But we are on the fruit and cookies now.
Must get back to my creations, have lots to do before they are finished.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mini Houses with Bunnies

Another with my mini houses that my DH made covered with snow..

It's Here

Well, the snow has arrived and I don't believe we got what they predicted.. Oh, it is blowing and cold and maybe we are getting more?, not sure. Must turn on weather and get caught up. But first here are a couple of snow shots, it is a pretty snow. Gonna have my java and watch the flakes,, Hey ladies, a really good day for stitching...This is my little grapevine tree my daughter and I made years ago, I have little led lights on it and love to have them glowing through the snow..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It looks like we are going to get another round of old man Winter....... Snow headed out way and more single digits.. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr, oh summer, where art thou?? I am a summer person and love the hot sweaty days.. Flowers blooming , picking vegetables from the garden and even weeding doesn't sound bad right now.
But this is a great time for creating and sewing.. Getting things organized and accessing stash to make a memory.. I never get enough of it and I guess I never will. If we just could let all the surrounding things go and not be so clean maybe then I could get some real creating finished. You know we do have to eat, but a HOME COOKED MEAL everyday?? Let's be real here,, I need some freedom from that routine.. Sandwiches are nice, or canned soup?? No, won't do here, I have created my own routine and my creativity is suffering. Have to get out and get some provisions to tide us over through the snow days.. Wish it was fabric store?? Oh, I will be ok,,,Get out there and get those sleds out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How cold is it??

They say we are going to get below 0, yikes, we don't like this.. Then on Wednesday night another snow headed our way..
I have been working on my SHABBY ROSE  block from ELEFANTZ.. I am getting close to the last block and not quite sure how I am going to finish it.. Her work is stunning and she has been published many times in Australia.. She is always busy coming up with new things, I don't know how she does it. Check her out, you won't be sorry.
The days are definitely  getting longer and I love that.. Those gloomy winter days really has bad effects on some people. It has really been cold but at least the sun is shining.

My DD  and her girls got crafty and made all of us these adorable snowmen door stops for Christmas.. Each one had different colors and I wish I had gotten pictures of them all together but here is picture of one..

Monday, January 4, 2010

Coldest Yet!!

We are in some kind of cold stall here and it is not fun.. We are at 2 today, really good for staying in and sewing..Of course there is the usual chores that must be tackled, you know tidy up after the weekend. I am thinking of bringing my machine up to the sun room as it is quite chilly in the basement.. Oh, there is heat but at these temperatures still really chilly.. I need to make some tote bags for my girls, and I have some wonderful flowered fabric that should do the trick.. Will keep you posted.. Just remember our soldiers today as you pray..They need all the help they can get..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Good morning and it is good, the coffee I mean..Got up and the aroma was so nice, not that burnt smell from yesterday.. It is still very cold here 7 and the sun is trying to come out. Aren't we so thankful for our wonderful Son?  Oh, yes we are thankful for the sunshine too,especially on gloomy winter days. I am making new friends and enjoying my blogging. Thanks for peeking ..