Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's In a Name?

The other day when I went to Jackmans Fabrics, I also went to Joann's.They had a big sale and I got a big wooden " M" for my sewing room.. Not sure where I'll put it but trust me, I'll find some little nook or cranny.  You think about your parents and when they named you, how excited they must have been and choosing your name. Maybe after another family member, or movie star or someone that really inspired them.. Then that name takes you to your destination and creates who you are.. I was named after each one of my parents sisters.. Now my DD2 was named by her brother and sister and she never liked her name and always said she would change it someday,and she did.. You see she was baptized and and when she came up out of the water a born again Christian, she took her new name..Who could argue with that.?? So whatever your name ,be proud and remember how wonderful  it must have been at the time. Peace out!! My "M" in progress!!!!

Life on the Fast Train

Everyday the Amtrak passes behind my house going about 60MPH. Now they are going to put in a high speed rail, giving lots of jobs. Wonder how fast that will go? .Well I certainly know that we need some job opportunities., so many people are out of work and its' not getting any better..My family has suffered from it..
But getting back to the trains, we have watched them for years, my Mother used to ride it to her Sister's in Springfield, but none of us ever have. I see the people's faces and wonder about their trip and at night the dining cars look so cozy, while they eat their meal. I am not sure if I will ever ride it but it does look inviting. You can drive faster to Chicago than taking the, train but you would miss, ah, not sure what you would miss except for the motion.This is my view from the deck and the yard...........

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cooking class/Quilter??

Did you wonder if this was just about cooking?? Actually I would rather be quilting than almost anything,, I said "almost" . I am trying to put a block together for our library spring raffle.. I got the pattern from another blogger and have changed a few things but am doing the finishing touches on it now. It seems like there is never enough time for my sewing.  But thought I would share a picture of my Snowman of the month that Mr.Couple and I made.Yes he can embroidery, his Father taught him when he was a little boy. He is much better with hand stitching than I . You can click on the photo and get a much closer look at each snowman. I know it is an odd angle, I have it hanging in my hall  and can't get a straight on shot.. My DS (who is photographer) would not approve of my pictures.. Oh well. back to block.. I have posted finished block.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sorry Muff, Only Enough For 2 Sandwiches?

Yes, I know I said I would take picture of meatloaf dinner and I did take before picture but by time I remembered the after,, Yikes!!! People gotta eat , ya know? Anyways the dinner was really good and Mom ate like a little pig.. Of course, I had to have some dessert so I whipped up a peach crisp with my frozen peaches from summer.. Wow, are they good and so sweet. Yummmmmmmmmmm!!

Also served were baked beans,and baked potato, which everything goes in the oven and voila' you have a complete meal..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


 Yes, I know there is still snow around but Valentine's Day comes and goes so quick that I had to do something? So after taking my pine needles off the grapevine wreaths I put a little joy in them. Have to keep the farm looking spiffy, don't I. I love red anyhow, it is my favorite color and it is a color of power, not that I am  powerful woman but I am trying.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow Dusting

So a little snow calls for comfort food and I made a Chicken Pot Pie,,, Boy was it good.. Sometimes you just get it right.. Now if we were having company it would not be this good because we try to hard to be perfect..So here is a small taste,, yes, it needs a little salt..

 Next it will be my Meatloaf and biscuits... Keep ya posted!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


I am not sure about your house but here football was non stop for the day.. So Mr. Couple and I decided to make a pot of chili and then for dessert I made banana wafer pudding. Wow, chili was just the best ever and the pudding was just too rich,, ya know what I'm sayin'? Mr. Couple almost made himself sick he ate so much.. But there is some left for another day. Of course the games were not my thing so I did some sewing making another tea towel for my SON and DIL. A Valentine gift.. Here are a few pics, didn't get one of the chili but will post that in another blog..

Have a marvelous Monday!!