Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's In a Name?

The other day when I went to Jackmans Fabrics, I also went to Joann's.They had a big sale and I got a big wooden " M" for my sewing room.. Not sure where I'll put it but trust me, I'll find some little nook or cranny.  You think about your parents and when they named you, how excited they must have been and choosing your name. Maybe after another family member, or movie star or someone that really inspired them.. Then that name takes you to your destination and creates who you are.. I was named after each one of my parents sisters.. Now my DD2 was named by her brother and sister and she never liked her name and always said she would change it someday,and she did.. You see she was baptized and and when she came up out of the water a born again Christian, she took her new name..Who could argue with that.?? So whatever your name ,be proud and remember how wonderful  it must have been at the time. Peace out!! My "M" in progress!!!!

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