Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life on the Fast Train

Everyday the Amtrak passes behind my house going about 60MPH. Now they are going to put in a high speed rail, giving lots of jobs. Wonder how fast that will go? .Well I certainly know that we need some job opportunities., so many people are out of work and its' not getting any better..My family has suffered from it..
But getting back to the trains, we have watched them for years, my Mother used to ride it to her Sister's in Springfield, but none of us ever have. I see the people's faces and wonder about their trip and at night the dining cars look so cozy, while they eat their meal. I am not sure if I will ever ride it but it does look inviting. You can drive faster to Chicago than taking the, train but you would miss, ah, not sure what you would miss except for the motion.This is my view from the deck and the yard...........

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