Saturday, January 2, 2010


Here is small pin cushion I have been working on..I see in the photo the eyes really need work,, Anyhow I got this with an order at Christmas from PRIMITIVE GATHERINGS.. Love that place. Also some nice wools and flannels.. I have lots of plans for them and must get busy now that the holidays are past. It was 4 degrees this morning and not good for getting out.. But oh my the birds were eating like crazy,,who ever said EATING LIKE A BIRD was not talking about these birds.. We love watching them and seeing all the different kinds. I have a 4 season room and it is awesome.. It makes you feel like you are part of the outdoors without the My 91 year old Mother really enjoys her naps out there. Have a fun Saturday night..


Hey,,, what to choose,, would you believe just the same stuff they had before, so I am giving it one more try.. Have it all ready for the evening brew.. The other one sure didn't last and it wasn't cheap!!!
We are a hard to please society and when we are presented with these decisions we want the best but know we cannot afford it. So, we settle and pay the consequenses ,(not sure bout that spelling).

Coffee Pots

Oh,, the coffee pot was so hot!!! Just got it in November and now having to take it back..They just don't make things like they used to.. I am off to Target to get my $$$ back and try to decide on which one to get.. We have been Mr. Coffee fans for years but this is the 2nd  one in less that 2 years.. Well, will keep ya posted.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Well here is a link that will give you awesome downloads of wonderful projects.. Enjoy...........

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Civil War Block,,

Well, I have finished my last Civil War BOM and as you can see where the white-headed pin is that my seam is off. Have taken out 2 and given up without taking all apart.  It was an easy block and I tried to be so careful with all seams and cutting and putting together.. But I guess that's what's its all about.. Have to figure now what my sashing and  borders will be.. The blocks are all very busy but I do like lots of the new stripes in the WINDHAM ABRAHAM LINCOLN CIVIL WAR STARS & STIPES.. Some beautiful fabrics there..
So off now to do some serious internet shopping.. Will keep ya posted.......

New Year

Well, as we are about to ring in the 2010, I want to thank my family for always being there for us. God has blessed us so much and I can't begin to say how thankful I am . I have made my new friends in the quilting world over the web and  love meeting them and learning that their lives are just like mine, just different parts of the world. It is so amazing the talent that is out there and the artistry that flows from these women. It is unending, new and  beautiful. The online quilt shops are great and just like being there, except you can't feel the fabric,lol. The quilt shop owners are so obliging and helpful for your every need. I pray that we would soon get our soldiers back home and the war would end. As I begin this blog I hope it will bring a little laughter in to your home and you will enjoy reading about my simple life here in the Midwest.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Well, the tree is down and all put away for another year.. It was a combined effort with Mr Couple and believe me it went alot faster.. Of course I had to tell him the history of each and every ornie which he has heard lots of times but just didn't want him to forget.. I'm just sayin'.. He was very sweet about it.. I think he was just as relieved as I was to get all put away for another year. We have a small snow and it did make for a nice view while we performed the task. Here is a garden picture with my gazing ball.. STill have to take all the houses off the shelf. Yikes, almost forgot..


Well, looks like we are getting another small snow.. I say small because compared to some areas this is a flake.. It is very pretty but not good for travel.. We had our Christmas with my sister Kathy and her husband Dick.. A wonderful hardy beef stew, french bread, jello and pears. I took a Christmas tray filled with my goodies that I had baked for the holidays, all kinds of cookies and breads... . It looks like a good day to put away all the decos and ornies.. It will take the day but not going anywhere with this snow. Then I can get back to some block making.. Boy, do I need that..

Monday, December 28, 2009

Well our son started making an apple pie for dessert on Christmas and he decorated it with a dough angel,, so we called it our Angel Pie. Well while making his wonderful Angel pie this year he had a slight mishap. He was putting it in the oven and it slid almost off the cookie sheet and he caught it and shoved it back in the pie plate and now we no longer have an Angel pie this Christmas but a Frankenstein Pie. lol, I'm just saying', it could have been worse. It was delicious

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh, for a sneak peek of the Civil War quilt,, BOM from QUILTERS STATION in Lee's Summit, MO. here are 4 of the finished blocks.
Well, the holidays are over and here comes my first blog.. The family are all gone now and it is snowing. The last one has left for Indiana and it does not look good for driving but she had a really bad toothache and needed to get in on Monday to have it looked at. The holiday went so fast and everyone loved all their gifts. It is always so chaotic but so enjoyable that no one notices. We are loving this time when we can relax and reflect. I am so thankful for this precious time that we have being with our families.

My projects of course have gone by the wayside and time to get caught up with the real world, with laundry and cleaning crumbs, wrap, and pine needles.. Next I will finish my Civil War BOM with my 12th block, hopefully before the new year rings.. I hope you enjoy my journey as I place myself on this broadband of bloggers. May God bless you all in this coming year,,,,,,,,,