Friday, March 5, 2010

Celebrating Life

I have been away due to the death of my Aunt, my Mother's sister. She was 90 on January 26 and she had a massive stroke..She and my Mother were only 14 months apart and they called each other their twin..She is with  peace now. It was so sudden and such a shock that Mother is taking it very hard.. She is 91 and it is taking its toll on her.  She lives with us, so I can keep a good eye on her and help her through this time..Mom is one of 11 girls and  and 2 brothers.. There is 4 sisters and 1 brother left.. Today is the funeral and our time to say GOODBYE to a very sweet lady.. We will miss her.. My Grandpa had a nickname for all of his children and her's was LITTLE TRUMPET and now she is blowing that horn for the Lord..

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