Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Wow, I am glad to feel this cool weather.. I am really a sun worshiper at heart but this summer took it out of me.. Couldn't even stay in the garden to get simple things taken care of without keeling over. Now it is ready for winter,, I would like another crop of spinach and lettuce, nothing like fresh greens.. My tomatoes did fairly well and we had so many different salads, it was wonderful.. The zinnias prolific habit took over the whole garden..
Next year they are having a bed of their own because they sucked the life out of the tomatoes..
Each year I learn from each thing that I plant and if I will ever plant it again.. Believe me, this year was
one of those years..I planted this vine called Cardinal Climber and it covered my arbor and wove through the lattice with a vengeance. The base was so thick we (actually Mr. Couple) had to dig the root out.. Check that on off my list..on to new and exciting plants of the future..........Here is snap of its boredom,, just small trumpet blossoms..  Almost invisible unless you are on top of it..

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