Thursday, April 22, 2010

HAPPY EARTH DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

 Well today being Earth Day I decided to plant more lettuce and spinach.. I already have some coming up and will be eating in the next week or so..We are supposed to get some rain and I think it will really pop then.....
Just a few pictures, my wheelbarrow full of pansies and then I put all my left over onions in there..The pansies will be over soon and then my onions will have lots of room. We eat lots of onions..Whew!! I have lots more planted in my square foot garden which should last me for a bit.

Here is my lettuce spinach and onions, as you can see I have wire over them because we constantly fight GROUND HOGS.. They are soooooooo bad, I get so mad when they start eating my tomatoes, even before they are ripe.. We lots 50% of our tomatoes last year to them.This year I am trying pepper. Jerry Baker says try it..I went to Dollar General and bought some cheap pepper, nothing to good for those Here is more of my lettuce, as you notice I have put sweet gum balls around the plants, supposed to keep slugs out.. What else are those balls good for?? Hope everyone has a Green Earth Day

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