Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well, finally finished my miniature garden but I need a small chair? Next time I go the the garden center I will look for wrought iron chair..This was so fun and I had most of the items, except the plants.. Now we will see how they do? I have much to plant yet and we have to replace some of our boxes, so I will have to wait on Mr.Couple, hope its soon..We are having really chilly days and nights now so I am not pressed for getting things in the ground. One of my favorite gardeners is Allen Smith, I saw him at the ST.Louis Museum 2 years ago and loved his presentation. My friend Gloria (who recently passed away) always told my daughter,"You better watch yo' Momma, she may run off with Allen Smith.. Yeah, right, like he would have me?? lol  Have a great weekend everyone

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