Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't Ya Just Love A Quilt Shop

While on the trip to PRIMITVES OF THE MIDWEST my BFF tooks us to a sweet quilt shop in Kansas..Shawnee Mission.. called PRAIRIE POINT..The ladies there are all authors and love what they do.The shop is packed full of samples and wonderful quilts.. If you are ever close you must go..     You might even have some of their patterns,, Kathy Delaney, Jeannie Poore, Donna Thomas?    

Then on to lunch at DEAN & DELUCA'S, yummmmmmmm..We had a great lunch but unfortunately everything in that place was out of my price range, I am not kidding, I know their products are great but, I'm just sayin'.

This gentleman was giving samples of a thin biscotti that was delicious but $14 a box?? Let's get real here.. We are retired,, ya know , fixed income.. Glad it wasn't fabric I was lookin' at,,ya know what I mean..Gulp!!!!
All said and done the time went way to fast,, Home now to new ideas

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